Wheel Challenge

Some functions are only available for android.Download now at:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ecgamesstudio.wheelchallengeWheel Challenge a very fun and addictive game.It brings great gameplay and lots of reasoning.How to play?Just touch the screen at the right time, you should hit the center of the wheel, but it will not be easy, you need to have a lot of reasoning and calm because the wheel is treacherous. You must hit the only space between you and the target.Do not let yourself be fooled by her calmness and patience to overcome her.There are over 100 addictive levels each step as you advance the game gets harder and will require more of your motor ability to win.The game is integrated with Play Games, thus participating in the highest scores, win achievements and more.Take part in this incredible challenge.You can?
Just click on the screen.Goal:Hit the center of the wheel.

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